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Shortened Make-Ready Time Means Higher Production Efficiency RYOBI Semiautomatic Plate Changer “Semi-RPC” The RYOBI Semi-RPC allows plates to be changed quickly and accurately. The operator merely sets the plate on the positioning pins and presses the button. There is no need to bend the plate’s leading or tail edge. The Various Cleaning Devices Automatic blanket cleaning device (option), Automatic ink roller cleaning device (option) Efficient Quality Control Thanks to Systematized Workflow RYOBI PCS-J*/PCS-JX** Printing Control System The operation panel is equipped with a touch-screen LCD, from which the operator can easily control RYOBI Program Inking, save and call up printing data and check the opening volumes of the ink fountain keys. * Standard: 524GE, Option: 522GE ** Standard: 525GE, Option 522GE, 524GE Image Area Calculating Software (Ink Volume Setter/Ink Volume Setter-CIP4 (PPF)) (option) RYOBI Program Inking * Smart End Inking is not available on the 522GE Printing Density Control System (RYOBI PDS*/RYOBI PDS-E Spectro**) * RYOBI PCS-JX is necessary. (Standard: 525GE, Option: 522GE and 524GE) ** 525GE only High Quality Printing RYOBI-matic Continuous Dampening System The RYOBI-matic continuous dampening system assures a uniform dampening supply on the plate surface to reproduce sharp halftone dots, glossy solids and finely detailed text. Simple Cylinder Arrangement The satellite type Cylinder Arrangement – consisting of a double-diameter impression cylinder and double-diameter and triple-diameter transfer drums – allows printing with the minimum number of gripper changes, maintaining registration accuracy. The double- diameter impression cylinders, which have a large curvature ratio, provide stable paper transport even when printing on heavy stock. Prints on Minimum Paper Size 3.94″ x 4.13″ The RYOBI 520GE series can print on paper as small as 3.94″ x 4.13″, enabling printing on postcards as well as laterally fed envelopes, further expanding the range of jobs. Reliable Technology Supported by Years of Experience Suction Tape Feeder Board The suction tape feeder board can handle a wide variety of paper stocks in a wide range of thicknesses, assuring consistent, stable paper feeding. Plus, the reduced number of brush and runner wheels simplifies setting the feeder board when changing paper sizes. Environment0friendly LED-UV Printing System (525GE option) Numbering and Perforating unit: NP52 (option) For more information,
RYOBI 520GE Series
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