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To maintain your business in today’s competitive marketplace, you need a digital production system capable of increasing your productivity and reducing your turnaround time. The DPX 2 is a dedicated polyester Computer-to-Plate system capable of delivering color-separated, punched plates, in perfect register and ready to be mounted onto the press. Metal has met its match The DPX 2 polyester CTP platesetter offers the resolution of CTP metal platesetters without their high prices, making the DPX 2 the clear, profitable choice for digital plate making. Silver DigiPlate™ polyester plates eliminate stripping and chemical costs associated with the analog metal plate process. With total cost of ownership so low, many print shops find that they recoup their investment in polyester very quickly, much faster than with a metal CTP system. Safer, smarter, sleeker and easier to use The DPX 2 is the latest generation of the renowned DPX System, the industry standard for polyester Computer-to-plate (CTP) technology. The true internal drum imager provides high- resolution, precision imaging with variable resolutions up to 3600 dpi. The unique image-to- punch feature ensures consistent and accurate registration and eliminates time consuming manual errors. The DPX 2 produces imaged, punched, press-ready plates in minutes. Flexibility of switching between plate formats is a requirement for short-run color jobs. The DPX 2’s unique combination of two distinct features – the internal drum punch system and the two simultaneously on-line material magazines – provides this flexibility. The dual magazine option allows the DPX 2 to feed two different presses with different formats from the same platesetter without manual intervention. Combining this with the available on-line punch options provides effortless, on-demand output of punched, press-ready plates for both landscape and portrait formats. The processor in the DPX 2 is based on environmentally minded, advanced technology. The advanced design consists of two very small tanks, which reduce the amount of processing solution used. The active replenishment ensures fresh processing solutions for the day’s operations, no matter the volume of plates being processed. And it is designed for easy maintenance – to empty, clean and refill the unit takes less than 10 minutes. Lower costs and increased productivity The DPX 2 eliminates manual processes, enabling you to produce more plates per hour, optimizing your plate production. This improves your turnaround time, giving you the capacity to take on more jobs without an increase in labor costs. By investing in a DPX 2, you can achieve cost savings of up to 65% per plate, giving you the competitive edge you need in the short-run, process-color market.
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